1. Deep Sea Diver: Good Music

    This weekend, a great Seattle band, Deep Sea Diver, released their first full-length. It can be purchased here. I’ll be honest, it’s taken me a little while to warm up to female vocalists. With the help of First Aid Kit and Lemolo, I started welcoming the idea a little more. Jessica Dobson (has been a guitarist for The Shins) is the frontrunner of this project. She keeps her music fun and poppy, but her voice and delivery is in just a low enough register that her words are powerful and I am drawn in by her music. She has confirmed that there are powerful female vocalists out there. She also is an excellent guitarist and it shows in some excellent riffs and loops. Give them a listen (especially You Go Running), and if you can, see them live. Because that is when you really really love it. 

    "As we walk in the valley of the shadow of death" - From Deep Sea Diver’s NWO

  2. This band is so worth listening to. They’ve got a lot of life. 


    on Jan 25th 2012 champagne had the pleasure of opening up for Wu-Tang Clan at the Showbox Sodo in seattle. here is some live footage set to the track “I Fell Through” available on a split 7inch with STRFKR on Poly Vinyl Records. 


  3. I met these girls a couple of week ago, and they were so loving and accepting of my story. They are making great music and are definitely worth checking out. 

  4. nylonstylus:

    Beat Connection performing “Theme From Yours Truly,” for one of my new favorite sites LaundroMatinee

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  5. noahgundersen:

    Someone recently asked me for advice about how to do the music industry. These are a couple thoughts I had, from my limited store of knowledge.

    Above all things, love what you do.

    Work at it. Always grow.

    Find your weaknesses and strengthen those areas.

    Surround your self with good people…

  6. noah gunderson video from this city rocks. this city DOES rock, and so does noah.


  7. danceyrselfclean:

    Champagne Champagne, I Fell Through (found on the split 7” STRFKR/Champagne Champagne)

    I’m not usually a big fan of rap but Seattle’s own punk-rap-shoegazers Champagne Champagne hit all the right marks for me.  ”I Fell Through” is kind of gorgeous.  A gorgeous rap eargasm.  Yeah you heard right.  This whole 7” is delightful as fuck. I mean STRFKR and Champagne Champagne jams to obsess over.  Yep sign me up every single time.  If you are smitten too you can stream both tracks and purchase the split single over at Bandcamp!

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  8. garychou:

    One of my favorite Grand Hallway songs!

    This video is one of a series that they shot while out camping back in 2009. Congrats to the band for making KEXP’s Top Listener Voted Albums of 2011.

    Happy New Year!


  9. Good band, new site


    Hello everyone,

    We have changed our website to a real Tumblr page and we would love if you would come and follow/re-follow it!

    http://campfireok.tumblr.com (soon the .com will redirect to this page as well!)

    Thanks for sticking with us. We are glad to have a site that is easily updated so you all know the trouble we are getting into at every moment… or some moments…


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  10. footstomp:

    Of Monsters and Men - “Six Weeks”

    Live at the KEX Hostel in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves ‘11. Recorded 10/12/11.